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The DataSmart Client Solutions Tool®

The DSS Client Solutions Tool (CST) Includes online reporting (and readily-accessible flat files) to facilitate precise financial control and effective risk management.

Standard reports include plan level evaluations, member level analysis by risk and disease cohort, plan analysis and recommendations, concurrent and prospective member risk scoring, care density analysis, and a detailed analysis of key cost drivers. Priced on a formulaic, per employee per month basis (PEPM), the DSS CST provides you with everything you need to manage down your annual healthcare spend or that of your customers.

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DataSmart Health Solutions

DataSmart Health Solutions (DSHS) gives companies a smarter way to provide healthcare coverage through technology. Employers spend $1.2 trillion on health benefits for over 155 million workers, making them the best partner in the pursuit of better healthcare.

With the only platform that can connect and administer an entire health benefits ecosystem — health plans, benefits programs, spending accounts, member services — DSHS enables employer sponsored health plans to optimize their healthcare investment while giving employees the best coverage possible.

DataSmart Health Solutions utilizes the largest independent administrator of self-funded health benefits in the country.

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The DataSmart online Health Risk Assessment®

Our online HRA provides an initial, instantaneous health risk evaluation for in-office, in-clinic, or in-pharmacy settings by collecting and analyzing data from persons completing a specific health questionnaire.

By capturing the data online, DSS is able to analyze the data and produce and deliver a valuable risk analysis report almost instantaneously. Priced on a per-use basis, the HRA Tool gives immediate feedback and enables risk managers to get started with risk and cost control weeks or months ahead of conventional claims data gathering, aggregation and analysis.

The DataSmart Provider Efficiency Tool®(PET)

The new PET utilizes claims information to evaluate provider efficiency on an outcome-adjusted basis and includes care density analyses to capture and report network efficiency as well.

Also priced on a PEPM basis, the DSS PET enables financial and risk managers to optimize network formation.

DataSmart Consultative Projects

DataSmart Solutions deploys skilled teams of experts to meet client needs in data-dependent projects with the analysis and control of near-term healthcare costs as objectives.

Typical projects consist of the following:

  • Ad hoc reports, custom reporting capabilities
  • Supporting ACOs and other Carrier-Network shared-risk contracts with population risk scoring
  • Strengthening the product offerings of claims administrators and ASOs with predictive analytics
  • Design of ACA-compliant employee benefit plans
  • Pharmacy benefit plan optimization and design
  • Evaluation of initiative and program effectiveness (e.g. on-site clinics or wellness programs)
  • Network and provider efficiency evaluations
  • Special State, local, and Federal Government healthcare projects