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COVID-19 Updates

To DataSmart Solutions (DSS) Clients,

Given the shutdown of numerous services throughout the country due to the COVID-19 situation, we wanted to reassure you that DSS is working, as always, to provide you with excellent service, and we anticipate no operational disruptions at this time.
Be assured that our staff, whether deployed from home or the office is at 100%. And, your data is always completely safe in our Soc 2 Type II compliant environment.
We are maintaining our normal schedule with you and processing your data. If you have disruptive changes in meetings or personnel, just let us know. We are happy to accommodate. At this time, we wish you, your team, and extended family good health. If our situation changes here, we will inform you immediately.

DataSmart Solutions Team
March 16, 2020

DataSmart Solutions Earns AICPA Seal of Excellence

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DataSmart Solutions Receives A+ Rating on HIPAA Security & Privacy Audit

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Converting data into healthier employees and significant savings is easier than you think!

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Predict cost without health-related data on individual members.

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Jonathan Prince, President—DataSmart Solutions

Improve health and lower your costs. Get started!

Our formula is simple. We are not limited by available claims data. Rather, we combine claims data with additional metrics (e.g. biometrics, vision test results, a health questionnaire) to produce the highest-powered analytics in healthcare. Accurate risk-scoring enables population health managers to zero in quickly and effectively on high priority cases. We identify the 3-5% of members that will drive the big tickets. Help us help you help them. It's easier than you think.

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See what is driving costs, determine which programs to implement, and measure the results of those changes. Our clear, organized reports tell your story like you have never seen it told before.

Benefit Plan Recommendations

After performing a careful, thorough analysis of your claims, we can provide actionable feedback on plan modifications that will improve member health and lower costs.

Provider outcome evaluations

Low cost providers are one thing. Effective providers with superior results are another. You want to see outcome-adjusted costs. We help you identify which providers deliver the best total outcomes.

Population risk assessments

Our predictive analytics identify more prospective high cost claimants with great accuracy, allowing you to direct your scarce healthcare resources efficiently and achieve the highest return on investment.

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Our typical customer’s healthcare expenses are 38% lower than the national average, with some being 60% lower.

We help organizations save money on healthcare costs.

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