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DataSmart Solutions Earns AICPA Seal of Excellence

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DataSmart Solutions Receives A+ Rating on HIPAA Security & Privacy Audit

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Jonathan Prince, CEO—DataSmart Solutions

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Our formula is simple. We are not limited by available claims data. Rather, we combine claims data with additional metrics (e.g. biometrics, vision test results, a health questionnaire) to produce the highest-powered analytics in healthcare. Accurate risk-scoring enables population health managers to zero in quickly and effectively on high priority cases. We identify the 3-5% of members that will drive the big tickets. Help us help you help them. It's easier than you think.

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See what is driving costs, determine which programs to implement, and measure the results of those changes. Our clear, organized reports tell your story like you have never seen it told before.

Benefit Plan Recommendations

After performing a careful, thorough analysis of your claims, we can provide actionable feedback on plan modifications that will improve member health and lower costs.

Provider outcome evaluations

Low cost providers are one thing. Effective providers with superior results are another. You want to see outcome-adjusted costs. We help you identify which providers deliver the best total outcomes.

Population risk assessments

Our predictive analytics identify more prospective high cost claimants with great accuracy, allowing you to direct your scarce healthcare resources efficiently and achieve the highest return on investment.

Client Testimonials

“With DataSmart Solutions, your costs will decrease and quality of healthcare will rise.

DSS is leading the way for predictive and preventative cost containment. If more people utilize this concept and use the information within the tools that DSS have created, cost will decrease and quality of healthcare will rise.”
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Sharene Campbell

Vice President of Risk Management

“Utilizing core measurement tools and reports are necessary to be able to effectively evaluate cost-savings in today's outcome-driven healthcare environment.

DSS provides valuable information for both clinical and business needs by turning data into an easy to navigate, multi-featured predictive modeling system.”
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Kathy Martin Leibowitz


“DataSmart Solutions (DSS) is more than just data! To be useful we have to have rigorous analytic tools.

DSS supplies those tools that help us better understand the health of our participants. And with that knowledge we can design our health plan to meet the needs of our participants better.”
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Steve Turkiewicz

President/CEO, Montana Bankers Association

“We've seen improved health of employees, better medical plan spend, and improved utilization and efficiency with our onsite clinic.”

Employers see improved outcomes with investments, identified and managed risks. Employees see improved appreciation of benefits and overall health awareness, less time away from work. Advisor/Population Health consultants see data driven strategy and outcomes.
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Mary Delaney, MS PT, CWP

Practice Leader—Population Health Strategist

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In 2015, our typical customer’s healthcare expenses were 38% lower than the national average, with some being 60% lower.

We help organizations save money on healthcare costs.

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