Designed to save you money on healthcare costs right out of the box.

Increase Predictive Accuracy

We use more complete data resulting in more accurate solutions.

Twenty to thirty percent of all employees will have no medical or Rx claims this year, and another twenty to thirty percent will spend $500 or less. That means you will gather very little information from medical claims on close to sixty percent of your health plan, some of whom will account for a significant cost in the next 12 months. That is why relying on medical and Rx data alone will not produce the most accurate prediction of who will need costly medical care in the future.

If you add wellness data, biometric and lab data, even specific vision data – your accuracy increases! Our tool takes in all these data sources in an effort to provide you with increased predictive accuracy.

Solve issues before they become problems

See the future today and act now to avoid major upcoming plan costs.

Our data is aggregated and analyzed to produce easy to understand risk scoring that helps focus early intervention resources. Significantly lower your healthcare expenses in the first year of implementation.

Lower healthcare expenses in the first year of implementation

The return on investment is immediate.

The power of our model comes from our capture and analysis of data on many more persons than other healthcare analytics providers utilize. And, rather than depend entirely upon eligibility, Rx, and medical datasets from which to draw conclusions, we add vision, HRA, biometric and lab data to our analysis engine. The result? A near three-fold greater accuracy in predicting your drivers of next year's healthcare costs.

How we deliver results

Step One

Collect and integrate data

Data availability is one issue—data integration is another. How do you make sense of data that comes from so many places, and in so many sizes? We've figured that out—the data must be carefully integrated, cleansed, and verified for quality control.

Step Two

Let the DataSmart Analytics Engine go to work

We've built and refined our predictive models through over 20 years of collaborative experience with the top analytic minds—both clinical and financial. The DataSmart Analytics Engine takes data and produces real information—information that will become the foundation upon which the right decisions about usage of healthcare resources will be made.

Step Three

Find solutions that make immediate impact

Armed with razor-sharp population risk scoring, provider evaluations, and benefit program recommendations, employers and other at-risk users are ready to deploy early intervention resources and bring costs down while improving member health.

DataSmart Solutions selects distribution partners who are experienced, effective employee benefits advisers and management consultants to help customers design and manage their benefit program to take maximum advantage of DataSmart predictive analytics.