DataSmart Solutions Named a Fastest Growing Healthcare Solution Provider

October 31, 2016

Fastest Growing Healthcare Solution Provider 2016

Insights Success magazine recently named DataSmart Solutions one of “The 10 Fastest Growing Healthcare Solution Provider Companies in 2016.” This list highlights the importance of the strides the healthcare industry is making, specifically DataSmart’s Client Solution Tool (CST), which helps employers identify and help at-risk plan participants.

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The next version of CST being launched in the latter part of 2016 is expected to sustain DataSmart as a leader in the industry with faster speed, simpler reports, more actionable information, and improved data accessibility.

“We aspire to see our analytics improve the health of a significant percentage of the US labor force, and our strategic partnership culture is getting us there,” said Jonathan Prince, CEO of DataSmart Solutions.

DataSmart‘s objective is to not only provide data analytics, but to be a strategic partner helping employers act on analytics and improve the health of plan participants.

DataSmart Solutions, LLC, is a leading provider of data warehousing and high-powered predictive analytics for the US healthcare and insurance industries. DataSmart Solutions (aka “DSS”) is based in Montana and operates autonomously from its parent corporation, Leavitt Group Enterprises, a national insurance broker with headquarters in Cedar City, Utah.

Insights Success is a business magazine for enterprises, focusing on emerging and leading fastest growing companies.

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